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Home & Hotel SolutionsSleep Designers. We call ourselves this title for a reason. Our goal is not only to sell beds or mattresses, but to design a comfortable sleep for our client, learning his wishes and needs, but also based on our knowledge and many years of experience. Three top brands specializing in the production of continental beds and mattresses help us in this: the French Treca Interiors Paris, the British Somnus and the American Simmons. In addition, we design and manufacture our own custom-made beds tailored to the expectations of our individual and hotel clients.

Over the past 80 years, Treca Interiors Paris has met the high requirements of international customers who value French craftsmanship and finesse, as well as the possibility of individual service, which translates into the high quality of the products offered. Discover the heritage of Treca Interiors Paris, the precise skills of craftsmen and exclusive designer creations.

Simmons has consistently followed the brand’s philosophy of “building better sleep with scientific ideas” and is constantly developing high-quality mattresses to promote effective and healthy sleep habits. The Simmons brand has introduced many well-known mattresses, including the classic Spring Dream Dreams pocket mattresses, BackCare, Beautyrest Black and others.

Each Somnus mattress is British by design and origin. On its own farm in North Yorkshire, the Somnus brand runs its own sheep and alpaca farm, which are hidden behind Yorkshire Dales Eco wool and alpaca wool, which fill mattresses. The natural mattress fillings have been enriched with intelligent sense pocket springs that provide the expected sleep comfort. It should be emphasized that the Somnus brand itself produces its high performance pocket springs at its own wire plant in Leeds. Thanks to this, the bedroom beds are extremely comfortable. The Somnus brand means a tradition that always puts luxury and comfort first, maintaining its standards at the highest level for the past five generations.


The unique nature of arrangement accessories will give each room a unique style and fashionable and interesting stylization. Exclusive and soft EDEL or JACARANDA rugs are a great way not only for elegant, but also for practical interior fittings. Thanks to the highest quality materials, the carpets will ensure comfortable use for many years, and their rich colors and diverse designs will perfectly match any character of an apartment, office or hotel equipment.

To make the most of our bedroom accessories, it’s worth using interesting arrangement compositions combining aesthetic fabrics, wallpapers and rugs. The unique textures of the wallpapers will break the schematic forms of the walls, while giving them an extremely emotional and visual face. The use of elegant lamps will also be a great way, thanks to which the room will be filled with warm and cozy light. Our offer also includes exclusive bedding, as well as modern lamps and exclusive wallpapers for the wall.