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Hypnos Contract Beds is a leading supplier of hotel beds on the global market. He understands better than anyone that both our clients and their guests have different needs. With this in mind, we provide a variety of solutions tailored to all hotel market facilities that will provide perfect comfort in every room regardless of its type and size. Thanks to this, the final result is an increase in revenues and the number of positive recommendations.


Hypnos is a family company with many years of tradition and a wonderful, proud history related to the royal family. They transfer their experience into designs and crafts to manually build the most comfortable beds customers have ever had. Hand-made Hypnos mattresses and Hypnos beds in workshops in Buckinghamshire can be found in the best yachts, palaces and hotels around the world.

Learn the process of completing the bed


Our specialized project management team provides all clients with an eight-stage implementation plan. Starting from consultation and creating a project on a special order, to the disposal of an old bed and marketing support to improve the quality of guest service and our client’s profit.

  • Initial consultation and project planning
  • Specification and detailed discussion of the appearance
  • Matching additional elements
  • Financing
  • Delivery and installation
  • Disposal of old beds and recycling
  • Additional accessories
  • Lifetime supervision and marketing support


As an award-winning bed manufacturer, appreciated for comfort, sustainability and service, Hypnos proudly adopted the Royal Patent, the most important award related to the quality of the goods offered. The patent, first granted to the Keen family in 1929 by King George VI, Queen Mother and Her Highness Queen, is a confirmation of the best British design, granted only to those who demonstrate the highest quality and ethical and responsible production methods.

Hypnos continues to supply beds to royal residences, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and the Palace of St. Jamesʼs, Balmoral Castle, Sandringham House, The Holyroodhouse and Kensington Palace. Hypnos has even prepared a presentation on the importance of sleep and its impact on health, intended for Royal Homesteads at Buckingham Palace. Recently, she designed individual covers for the Royal Family, also exchanging banquet chair seats at the Buckingham Palace Ballroom.

It is these achievements that have made the Royal Patent an indispensable element of Hypnos’ business, and has become part of the rich history of this family business. In addition, it is a kind of signpost on the road to seeking innovation, complementing the Hypnos offer. Synergy helps the company succeed in international markets, ensuring that its products stand the test of time



PRESSURE MAPPING – We try to use the achievements of science at every stage of the formation of our beds. And testing the pressure with which the body affects the mattress is a key element of these tests. There is nothing more important than the moment when a hotel guest lays on the bed, and studies on pressure mapping provide him with excellent sleep comfort on each of the mattresses that we have on offer.

PROTECTION ‒ HYPNOS PROTECTTM – In the interests of the best quality and hygiene of our products, we use solutions that create a strong barrier against pollution in the first minutes of contact. The use of Anti Bug Hypnos Protect TM protection protects us against reproduction of mites, bed bugs, bacteria and the formation of fungi. This is invaluable in the struggle to provide the most friendly sleep environment by allowing you to minimize the number of complaints, redress claims and negative reviews.

FIRE RESISTANCE CERTIFICATE – All our products meet the current high standards of fire resistance BS7177: 2008 (Crib5) / BS7176 and are regularly checked for compliance.

WARRANTY – All our products are characterized by extraordinary durability supported by a 5-year warranty and 100% renewable for the raw materials used.


Providing your guests with the perfect place to rest can be a tedious process. With a choice of 6 different mattress models and 6 bases (along with any additional functions) we can meet all requirements.

And by adding one of the headrests to this set we will be able to highlight your unique style. And this before choosing the right fabric selected from the 60 available designs. The presented solutions are only a substitute for our capabilities. We are aware that each project is an individual matter, so the only thing that can limit us when creating a custom bed is human imagination. We aim to help you choose the best solution for you, beneficial for both your budget and the quality of your guests’ sleep.

MATTRESSES – There are no two same guests. Therefore, when choosing our mattresses, we offer a variety of different solutions. Starting from our extensive research on pressure mapping, which ensure an optimal level of comfort for all hotel guests. In addition, each of the offered mattresses is embroidered to ensure better durability and increase sleep quality. The consequence of which is to gain customer loyalty.

DIVAN – In our standard offer we offer solid foundations made of solid wood. After choosing the type of mattress, we combine it with one of our bases, depending on your preferred style, while providing optimal solutions to help keep the room tidy.

HEADBOARD – Enrich your bed with one of the available headboards to emphasize its unique style and take your guest with due diligence.

ACCESSORIES – Now, when the most demanding stage is behind us, it remains for us to finish the look of our set with a wide range of accessories and accessories that will not only protect it and ensure proper hygiene, but also give character.

FABRIC – Choose one of the 60 fabrics available in our Design for Sleep collection. Each of them meets current standards regarding fire resistance, usage standards and durability.



Hypnos Contract Beds is the first British company that produces beds, which is characterized by a non-emission production process. This means that during the formation of our beds, carbon dioxide does not enter the atmosphere. This is an achievement that we are particularly proud of. We feel obliged to create our products in an environmentally sound manner. We comply with the PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality standards. Our workshops are FSC® certified and have successfully passed the SedexTM ethical trade audit.

The uniqueness of the method of utilization and recycling conducted by our company lies in the fact that during this process only raw materials are created, which can be used later in other industries. This commitment to sustainability has become one of the many standards offered to our clients. As a result, they increase their competences as a company that cares for the environment and at the same time maintain an unrivaled level of quality of services offered.