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Combining French know-how and the latest technologies, SIMMONS has been a leading specialist in comfort and well-being since 1929. The brand now offers the SIMMMONS range – comfortable and environmentally friendly exclusive bedroom beds and mattresses! For the sake of every dream, Simmons collections offer different mattress models for individual quality rest! Hotel continental beds are also available.


1870: American Zalmon G. Simmons assembles a metal surface made of springs and covers it with a cotton cloth: this is what the birth of a spring mattress looks like. Soon after, the idea came that the springs were in the pockets, and thus the legendary Quietude suspension was created.

1919: Simmons finally abandons his current position and creates his company. The first pocket spring machine was developed.

1929: Simmons mattresses traverse the Atlantic aboard the famous steamers of Normandy and France, thus serving as cabin equipment. The brand is finally created in France. The French discover this exceptional quality of mattresses and thus adopting the brand to their market.


Realizing the importance of restful sleep, Simmons offers the best of its know-how, developing the most advanced technologies and working on the most noble materials from which, among others, beds are created exclusive beds for bedrooms. Everything 100% made in France. Simmons models are hand made and carefully assembled in French factories. Simmons mattresses and exclusive bedroom beds are a combination of high quality and affordable price.

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This unique technology, patented by Simmons, is the secret of mattresses with exceptional comfort. Each spring is individually inserted into a non-woven bag, hypoallergenic, carbonated, bactericidal and high strength material. Ultrasonic welded pocket springs are connected to each other on the sides, not on the surface.

Perfect sleeping cushioning in all positions, so that everyone can experience a unique new quality of sleep. And all thanks to continental beds. Improving the quality of sleep ensures well-being and high comfort – this is a matter where Simmons has been running for over 80 years.