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The Somnus brand has been producing beds since 1840. Knowledge gained over 178 years of creating luxury beds has made Somnus and Harrison Spinks synonymous with hand-made, luxury, pocket mattresses. It is now a fifth-generation family company, and more than 600 people work with it, from farmers who sell their sheep with prizes to engineers who develop their award-winning springs and craftsmen who still sew their mattresses.


Some of the techniques that Somnus uses to make beds and mattresses today may be different, but its goal is still the same as always: to create a luxurious sleeping comfort that is second to none. They innovate and lead, developing the best pocket spring mattresses and replacing artificial fibers with 100% natural upholstered fillings on the sleeping surface. When it comes to ensuring perfect sleep, Somnus never rests on its laurels. Somnus beds and Somnus mattresses are a guarantee of the highest quality.


With over 178 years of experience, the manufacturer focuses on the domain: “If we want to create a beautiful bed, we must do it all ourselves.” Somnus beds with headboards do not start life at the factory, but at a 300-hectare farm in North Yorkshire. Here, sheep are selected for wool and they breed some natural fibers that go to mattress fillings. They don’t do it because it’s easier, they do it because better ingredients make a better bed.

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Commitment to creating luxury box beds goes beyond the production process. A specially designed Somnus and Harrison Spinks bed begins life on a 300-hectare farm in North Yorkshire, where the highest quality natural fillings for hand-made mattresses are produced.

The Somnus brand is the only company in the UK that owns a farm and produces its own fillings. This means that the Somnus bed is tailored to the needs of the customer from beginning to end and gives complete assurance of the highest quality raw materials used for its production.

On the Harrison Spinks farm, wool and fiber sheep such as flax and hemp are bred, all of which are processed and blended directly on a Yorkshire farm, creating luxury fillings for natural mattresses.


All beds are hand-made and can be ordered in custom sizes to suit individual requirements. The mattresses offer two levels of support: regular and hard, as well as with additional reinforced ortho voltage only available on selected models.

STITCHING – Each mattress is finished with two to five rows of side seams. The mattress frame thus made provides full support and stability over the entire mattress surface, from edge to edge.

TOPPERS – Somnus luxury mattresses are available to complement each bed, creating an extra layer of comfort and support.

ACTIPRO TM PROBIOTIC FINISH – It is a natural solution to combat allergens in textiles. Provides protection against dust and allergens and is environmentally friendly.

EDGEGUARD SYSTEM – EdgeGuard is a traditional box spring system developed by Somnus to work in harmony with a mattress, providing edge-to-edge support.

FANS AND HANDLES – All mattresses are equipped with nickel-plated fans that increase air circulation, and the handles are stitched with flags, which provides additional strength and makes it easy to turn the mattress.


In Somnus, craftsmen are not just bed experts, but sleep specialists. Their team uses their traditional craft skills to provide the highest level of comfort in each of the custom-made beds. The attention to detail is second to none. From precise workmanship and skillful manual sewing when creating high-class mattresses, to the latest pocket spring technology, each part of the Somnus bed is their own production.


The Somnus brand has revived the art of weaving and brought tradition back to Britain. Thanks to investments in the most modern weaving looms for their production plant in Yorkshire, they are able to produce the highest quality mattress for their beds. They not only modernize the art of making a bed, moving with the times, but also restore tradition, creating a perfect harmony in the functioning of both trends.


Each Somnus mattress is entirely British; from local materials used inside to British craftsmen and women who collect them. Choose from a wide range of stunning headrest designs, sumptuous fabrics and base configurations. Alternatively, all mattresses are also suitable for use on beds.


Each headboard in a given collection is luxuriously upholstered with a fabric to choose from, available with contrasting buttons. Upholstered headboards are available in a deep continental style, and some are available with a strut or low height.


Choose the perfect color, shade and texture from any luxurious fabrics to complement the headboard and base. Please note that fabrics may change as new fabric options are introduced to the offer. Detailed information on colors can be found in the sample book. Somnus fabrics are only available on the headboards and bases in the Somnus range and are purchased in combination with a Somnus mattress.


Technological innovations are the most important thing in Somnus. This led to the invention of the double-layer pocket spring system in 1924. This just led them to the latest innovation at the heart of their luxury beds: the intelligent Sensa pocket spring system. This innovative technology used in spring mattresses helps to distribute the weight of the sleeper over a larger number of independent springs, so you will always keep the perfect sleeping position.

Pocket springs help to support the body more evenly and reduce pressure points, ensuring a more restful sleep. Before Somnus begins to produce high-performance pocket springs, they first make a wire that goes to them from their own factory in Leeds. They start with steel rods and pull them into wires of different diameters. This makes their pocket springs lighter and more durable, so they can use up to 4,800 of them in each layer.


At Somnus, the latest pocket innovation is based on the desire to develop increasingly sustainable and natural sleeping environments. NatureCoil is a weldable, 100% vegetable pocket for springs. It’s a green alternative to other pockets and just one of the many eco innovations to come.


The Somnus brand also has a modern laboratory, where it conducts rigorous tests to ensure the durability and durability of spring beds, thanks to which it always creates only the highest quality beds and mattresses. All tests are carried out in accordance with the highest British and European standards.