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Tréca is a heritage brand, a brand with a strong connection with tradition, which uses the craft knowledge passed down from generation to generation. This creates extremely luxurious Treca beds and mattresses. The Tréca brand pampers all its customers to meet the expectations of absolute comfort. An individual approach and tailor-made products allow Tréca to maintain a personal relationship with each customer. Tréca is a French style of relaxation.

Tréc’s legacy since 1935

The history of the brand begins in Reichshoffen, where Victor Moritz created the first factory producing Tréca spring mattresses, whose origins lie in the wire and crocheting industry of Victor’s father, René Moritz. Since then, Tréca continues to produce bedding made exclusively in France and develops its knowledge of manual sewing. Respect for the tradition and craftsmanship of manufactured products have made the brand a reference point in the field of high quality bedding, beds and mattresses.

French rest label

Tréca is not just a mattress or a bedroom, it is a lifestyle, the art of living, the art of sleeping. Characteristic for the Tréca savoir-dormir brand, it is inspired by the finest hotels in Paris, designers from around the world, the best artisans and the world-known French tradition and know-how. Tréca beds are more than just a moment of peace or a well-deserved rest between two busy days. “Tréca, savoir-dormir à la française.”


Tréca surrounds you with the art of savoir-dormir thanks to the nobility of selected materials, the expertise of craftsmen and the talent of designers. All traditional beds, continental hotel beds and custom-made mattresses are made from start to finish in a workshop at a historic location in Reichshoffen, France. They can also be customized, regardless of whether they are dimensions or decorations. Tréca offers a range of services tailored to the client.

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The way everyone sleeps is unique and deserves the best. That’s why the Tréca brand leaves nothing to chance. From precious fabrics used in production to the smallest details sewn by hand. Tréca offers an individual approach to provide you with a unique bedroom and a good night’s sleep.

The main assets and advantages of the Tréca brand:

  • French producer since 1935
  • Global reach
  • Inventor of integrated padding
  • Inventor of Pullman spring®
  • Proprietary pocket springs are produced in proprietary production workshops in Reichshoffen
  • Specialist knowledge of qualified craftsmen, architects and designers
  • Individual embroidery on request
  • Individual production in any dimensions and sizes



Because the night is more beautiful when shared, the Tréca brand pays special attention to comfort for two. Suspension with pocket springs ensures high quality and comfort of sleep to enjoy the best sleep side by side. Springs provide the best support for the spine in all positions. Tréca offers a variety of mattress suspensions that can meet your expectations and satisfy the sleep of even the most demanding customers.


The full frame upholstery is entirely handmade and works perfectly with Treca mattresses. The two sides of the mattress are joined by hand with stitching. This traditional and patented process strengthens the mattress structure, allowing it to maintain its shape and durability for years. The side stitching also strengthens the mattress structure to ensure its shape, durability and flawless finish.


Tréca products are manufactured with respect for craftsmanship that provides exceptional comfort for years. The precious materials used, hand-sewn finishes and French craftsmanship guarantee the quality of Tréca products.

The Treca brand provides guarantees worldwide:

  • 10 years for mattresses
  • 5 years for bed bases
  • 2-year warranty on accessories

Other materials

To further improve the quality of Treca products, the manufacturer chooses the noblest materials with rich properties to offer a wide range of comfort options tailored to the customer’s needs. Regardless of whether they are natural or technical, the manufacturer always chooses materials due to their thermal and moisture-wicking properties and their elasticity to guarantee long-term comfort.


Mohair wool

Mohair wool is extremely resistant and wears out slowly. It has excellent temperature control properties and is extremely light.

Natural silk

Natural silk, soft and light, has a high thermal insulation and provides the right amount of heat. The feeling it gives is refined comfort.


Naturally flexible, delicacy and purity of this fiber brings warmth and softness and offers gentle support.

Camel wool

Camel bristles come from the animal’s neck, the most delicate part of the body, and provide extremely warm and fluffy comfort.